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Debbie Denton

Personal Assistant

I joined Mewies Solicitors in 2016, bringing with me a wealth of experience and knowledge from my previous work at City-based law firms.

One of my key roles is to provide administrative support to Angela Green the Head of Department, as well as to the wider family team, ensuring that client communication (letters, emails, telephone calls) is handled and prioritised efficiently.

Relationship breakdown can be an incredibly stressful time.  I can often be the first point of contact when a client calls so my direct client contact has stood me in good stead.  I have excellent listening skills.

As a department we have a great deal of experience of assisting clients in achieving a successful outcome, whether that is achieved by court hearings or by agreement between the parties with a final agreed Order being approved by the family court when necessary.  Each and every client has their own specific needs and circumstances and we always tailor our advice to the individual concerned.

I am sensitive, patient and of course, discreet – client confidentiality is naturally imperative in this role, as it is in any role in a law firm.  I am able to quickly get through to the right member of our team so that expert knowledge and help can be provided where it’s needed, without undue delay.   I always try to deliver an efficient, personalised service with empathy and good humour – I find that a smile goes a long way.