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Motoring offences

Losing your driving licence can have a serious impact upon both work and family life. We help defend drivers charged with all types of motoring offences.

Motoring offences can vary from those that carry a fine or disqualification to those where a prison sentence is possible. Drink driving, speeding and the use of a mobile telephone are some of the more common offences. However serious the offence, the use of modern technology on our roads means that more people are finding themselves involved in a motoring offence.

We will guide you through every stage and represent you if a prosecution ensues. We will explain thoroughly what the allegation is, and the evidence against you. Everything we do is presented simply, using plain English. We consider any mitigating circumstances and advise you of the best possible outcome. If it goes to court, our lawyers are highly experienced at providing expert representation.

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John Mewies
John MewiesPractising Consultant & Solicitor
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