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Arrangements for children

We know that children come first. Whatever the situation – whether you are going through a divorce or separation or there are some arrangements already in place which are not working – the priority has to be for the safety and emotional and physical wellbeing of the children.

Our family lawyers are experts in helping parents and families make arrangements for children following the breakdown of a relationship. We make sure that everyone involved understands their legal rights and responsibilities whilst ensuring that the views of you and your children are heard.

Of course, children have practical needs as well as emotional ones and it can sometimes be difficult to focus on the best practical solutions when a relationship has broken down. But our family lawyers will bring clarity to your situation. We will clearly explain what arrangements for children need to be considered and help you put things in place to create a more stable and happy future for you and your children.

We offer a free, no obligation to discuss your arrangements for your children issues by prior arrangement so please contact our family law team on 01756 799000.

 Angela D. Green
Angela D. GreenDirector, Solicitor & Mediator
Victoria Iliff
Victoria IliffChartered Legal Executive