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International family law

If your divorce or relationship breakdown has overseas or international aspects to it, Mewies Solicitors can help.

There are a multitude of regulations which can impact on where an international claim can be pursued and can also impact on the final outcome of arrangements.  It may be that you or your partner lives overseas or have property overseas, in which case if you break up it is vital that you take legal advice without delay. We can help you resolve issues regarding any children you have, or assist with joint finances and other assets which need to be disentangled.

It may be that you have children and wish to move abroad with them or return home from overseas to the UK with them.  If you wish to relocate to another country with your children, you must obtain written consent from the other parent and/or any other person who has parental responsibility for the child.  If the other parent will not agree, you can apply to the court for permission (this is known as a leave to remove or relocation application).  We can assist you with matters such as this and the following issues:

  • Relocation of children (leave to remove)
  • Disputes over where to issue divorce proceedings
  • Property and real estate matters
  • Pensions issues
  • Protection of off-shore assets

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 Angela D. Green
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