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Commercial property

If you have a commercial property, your business may rely upon it to trade. It may be a café, shop, pub, office or warehouse – whatever it is, it needs to be cared for. We can advise on leases, laws and litigation so you can carry on doing business.  If you own a commercial property as an investment you may want to let it out or transfer it to your pension fund to maximize its benefit.

Buying, selling, leasing or just working from a commercial property is different to a domestic one. Issues that arise can be different from those of a normal conveyance. That’s why we have specialist lawyers who understand commercial property matters. What remains unchanged is the need to conduct the correct searches, negotiate contracts and resolve issues.

We take complex commercial property matters and make them simple. Likely timescales, costs and outcomes are explained at the start, and we keep in regular contact throughout. And any questions you have, we make sure we deal with them promptly.

To speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable lawyers call us on 01756 799000.

Christopher Jackson
Christopher JacksonDirector & Solicitor
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John MewiesPractising Consultant and Solicitor
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Anna ClarkConveyancing Executive