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Business leases

Deciding whether to use or agree to a lease is an important decision, whether you own a commercial property and are letting it out as an investment, or are in business and need somewhere to operate from.

We advise businesses on setting up the right agreement for them and prepare suitable documents or explain the terms, obligations and liabilities free from legal jargon. Our expert lawyers work with you, deal with any problems and make sure costs, timescales and likely outcomes are clear. If your lease needs to be amended, or it is time for renewal, we can help you do this as well.

Before agreeing or signing your agreement, contact us on 01756 799000. Make certain your business is properly looked after

Christopher Jackson
Christopher JacksonDirector & Solicitor
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Justin BirchDirector & Solicitor
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John MewiesPractising Consultant & Solicitor
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Anna ClarkConveyancing Executive