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Director/shareholder disputes

A healthy business is one where shareholders and directors can disagree and challenge each other. Sometimes they fall out. Mewies Solicitors can help you successfully manage any breakdown in relationships so that it does not damage your business.

Being a director is a responsible position. It is highly challenging too. Shareholders can be demanding. At times, this leads to differences in opinion. Disputes can arise over the business’ future strategy. Dividends and bonuses can cause disagreement. If there are family members or close friends involved, this can lead to questions about dealings between the business and them or another company. There are also statutory obligations that need to be observed by anyone in office.

Whatever the breakdown, finding a solution, and quickly, is important. If legal action is required, we will explain the consequences. It may be a resolution at a general meeting is enough or mediation may settle matters. Whatever we do, it will be carefully explained to you. Our professional advice will help you decide the best option as we’ll explain the likely outcome, expected timescales and we will ensure that you know the likely costs.

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Justin Birch
Justin BirchDirector & Solicitor