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Effective Communication

From our first meeting you will be assured that we will listen to you to find out what it is you want us to achieve on your behalf.  Then we will do our best to be up front about expected costs, timescales and results.

We will set down in writing to you these expectations and we will keep you informed if anything changes such as timescales, cost or who is handling your matter.

We will not incur any charges additional to those set out in your first letter (letter of engagement) without letting you know.

We will keep you informed about progress with your matter by phone, letter or email, whichever is your preference.

We will always try our best to use clear and effective language and not confuse you with legal ‘jargon’.

Once our dealings have concluded we will send you a client feedback survey to show that we care about the service we provide and for you to let us know if there is room for improvement.