Forthcoming Changes to the divorce petition

Changes to the divorce petition were announced on 17th July. The new petition becomes compulsory on the 4th September but can be used from the 7th August.

The new petition is substantially different in layout and format to the previous form, and is an attempt by the court service to make it more ‘user friendly’ to the increasing number of people who act in person in divorce petitions.

However, there is no substitute to legal advice on both divorce and also financial issues that people may not be aware of as a result of their separation.  People often come to us having issued the petition themselves and then become concerned about both the process, and how to deal with the financial settlement. Getting legal advice early on can help avoid stress about the procedure, and ensure a swift resolution to your matters.

For further information or to discuss your concerns, please contact our family law department, headed by Angela Green on 01756 799 000.

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