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Landlord and tenant disputes

Landlords and tenants have different priorities, so it is inevitable that you might not always see eye to eye. Disagreements between landlords and tenants can often be emotive, costly and time consuming if not resolved quickly with help from a specialist lawyer.

Disputes between landlord and tenant can be complicated and may affect your investment or even your livelihood, so it is really important that you receive the best advice from the beginning. As a landlord, we can help you with cost-effective and commercial advice about what to do if your tenant fails to pay rent, refuses to make repairs to the property or fails to comply with the terms of their tenancy agreement.  We understand the challenges in dealing with difficult tenant matters and problematic contractual and property law issues.

If you are a tenant, we can help you with tactical advice if your landlord does not comply with their obligations or if you want to challenge claims made by them. We understand tenants’ point of view and the personal considerations that affect their tenancies.

Whatever the situation, our dedicated team understand.  We pride ourselves on offering practical advice to both landlords and tenants, setting out the options available to you in straightforward terms.

Landlord and tenant matters often require a great deal of precision, expertise and intricate knowledge of the relevant law. We are well equipped to deal with such matters.

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Justin Birch
Justin BirchDirector & Solicitor
Mark Irlam
Mark IrlamAssociate Solicitor