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We work with you to find the best outcome to any dispute.  That may be a dispute between individuals or businesses.  An early resolution can avoid undue unpleasantness, unnecessary costs and prolonged anxiety and worry.

Disputes can arise for any number of reasons. You may have a boundary dispute with your new neighbour; a disagreement with family members over the terms of a will or perhaps it is the quality of workmanship carried out on your property by a builder.

Disputes are often seen as expensive and lengthy. At the outset, we advise you on what the costs may be of pursuing your matter. We promise to keep you updated on costs regularly.  Our lawyers will negotiate on your behalf and try and resolve your disagreement as promptly as we can.

Mediation is a possible process of often reaching a speedier conclusion than court action.  We will discuss the best and most cost effective approach with you.

We recommend taking early advice to discuss your situation and the options available. Once we know what your dispute is, our aim is a quick and successful resolution for you.  If court action is necessary then we have the expertise to guide you through the complexities that can be encountered.

Justin Birch
Justin BirchDirector & Solicitor