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Boundary and neighbour disputes

Having a disagreement with your neighbour can seriously affect your home life – and the quality of it. We can help you tackle any neighbour disputes promptly and effectively.

Falling out with a neighbour can often relate to issues with rights of way, noise, boundaries and fences. Sometimes this can become serious. Physical threats, abusive or intimidating behaviour, even physical assaults or property damage can be the outcome. Such disputes can also affect your ability to sell your property in the future. Whatever has happened, you need to know what options you have and how the law can help you achieve the outcome you desire.

Mewies Solicitors deal successfully with all manner of disputes between neighbours. We work hard at the beginning to ensure we understand what the problem is. We discuss options – and what your desired outcome is. Likely timescales, costs and the chances of achieving the outcome you want are explained clearly at the outset. Throughout the process, we keep you informed making sure we use plain and simple English, not legal jargon. We look at alternative ways of resolving the dispute if appropriate – but if litigation is needed you can trust our expert lawyers.

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Justin Birch
Justin BirchDirector & Solicitor
Mark Irlam
Mark IrlamAssociate Solicitor