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Making a Will

Many people overlook the importance of making a Will and it only hits home when they experience the loss of a loved one or are reminded of the importance of having a Will when buying a property.  Making a Will allows you to decide what happens to your estate (property and anything else that you own) after your death.  If you die without making a Will, your estate is distributed amongst your relatives according to fixed rules and without reference to your wishes.  This can lead to distress, hardship and expense for your family and friends.

Mewies Solicitors can help you to clarify your ideas and requirements whilst offering sound advice with regard to tax planning, trusts and property law.  Most importantly, we will make sure your Will is legal and unambiguous – not always the case if you choose to try and do it yourself or use a non-solicitor Will writer.

We will need to know a number of things about you, your circumstances and wishes so it is helpful if you could give this some thought in advance of meeting us.  We will need to know:

  • Full names of anyone you wish to mention in your Will
  • What you want to give and to whom/in what proportion
  • A full description of any specific items you want to give
  • Full names and addresses of the people who you would like to be Executors of your Will (ideally two or three people)

It may also help to know the approximate value of all that you own.  As a full service law firm in Skipton we have expertise in a range of areas which can be closely linked to your Will and estate such as family law, property matters and estate planning.

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