Reflections on working in Skipton

Driving into work this morning I heard a news article on the radio about women wearing high heeled shoes for work, and discussions about whether employers can make them part of an enforced dress code.

Researchers in Aberdeen have been looking at the issue, following a petition raised by a woman who had been sent home from work for wearing flat shoes, looking for a ban on workplace dress codes which enforce the wearing of heels by women.

This got me thinking. Now, I like wearing heels for work, but I also wear flats on occasion. Working in Skipton for the past 4 weeks now, I’ve become more aware of the cobbled streets and the risks of ‘wobbles’ in heels when walking to court or around the town centre generally.

Whilst the research showed an increased risk of injury when wearing heels- even more so on cobbles I would expect- it doesn’t find any increased risk of osteoarthritis as a result.

Luckily here at Mewies, there is no policy enforcing the wearing of heels, and no doubt I will continue to, despite the perils!

The full article can be found here:

Vicky Iliff

Chartered Legal Executive and Family Law Specialist

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