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Resolving financial matters

Reaching an agreement about how to separate your financial affairs can often be one of the hardest things about a relationship breakdown.

Divorce itself can often be fairly straightforward but sorting out the joint finances can often be a far more complex issue.  Even just the terms used for these sorts of issues can seem alien and overbearing.  We can help simplify the process for you and get the best possible financial result for you and any children you may have.

Every divorce is different and the financial needs of the parties involved will vary.  The court has a wide discretion when looking at financial settlements in divorce. The aim is to achieve a fair outcome and settlements can vary greatly. We have experience of dealing with the full range of cases, be they straight forward e.g. no children and the couple are vaguely on the same ‘page’ in how to split things, to high value cases where one or both of you is very wealthy and there are considerable assets involved.  We will tailor our approach to you and your situation, and help guide you through the process in a way you can understand.

If a couple can come to a mutual agreement about how to divide their assets, this will minimise the time and costs involved and only minimal involvement of a solicitor will be necessary.  However, if one person is reluctant to disclose all of their assets or a couple cannot agree about how their finances should be divided, it can seem like an onerous task. At Mewies Solicitors, we can help.  We will liaise with your former partner’s legal representative to get you what you deserve.  We can not promise that it will all be resolved in a few weeks, but we can promise that we will get the best possible result for you, and will keep you informed about costs and timescales throughout the process.

At Mewies Solicitors our family law team offers a free, no obligation discussion about resolving financial matters by prior arrangement so please contact us on 01756 799000 to make an appointment.

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