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Making the decision to end a relationship and separate is rarely easy and sometimes you may need professional legal help to ensure the separation process is handled fairly. It is likely that you will have lots of questions and concerns. You will want to know what will happen regarding your home, possessions and finances. And if children are involved, you will want to ensure that their wellbeing is the main priority.

That is where we can help. We offer practical and sympathetic legal support to couples who are separating and can help you put a separation agreement in place to make the process easier.

Perhaps you are considering a trial separation. If so, we can provide help and advice here too. And whether you later choose to rebuild your relationship or make the separation permanent, we will help you understand your choices, so you can make the right decisions.

Our friendly and knowledgeable lawyers will get to know you and your circumstances so that we can provide the best possible advice tailored to your unique situation. Although, no-one wants to face the end of a relationship; with our help the process is much more straightforward for everyone involved. We will explain all of your options and ensure you are treated fairly during and after the separation.

At Mewies Solicitors our Family law team offers a free, no obligation discussion about resolving financial matters by prior arrangement so please contact us on 01756 799000 to make an appointment.

 Angela D. Green
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