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Buying or selling at auction

Buying or selling property at auction can be an exciting experience and is often a great way to get a good deal.  However, it can also be a step into the unknown – particularly if it is your first time.  By talking to legal expert before buying at auction you can approach the process with confidence and avoid costly mistakes.

We can advise you on all the important aspects to consider before entering your property for sale or bidding at auction.  We will prepare a full legal pack for the property you wish to see or, ensure that any property you do bid on will be a sound investment.  We can also take care of all the legal practicalities of the sale, from checking property ownership to completing the transaction following a successful bid.  Our friendly and knowledgeable property auction lawyers will give you all the guidance you need to be able to enter the purchase with confidence.

With your help, buying or selling a property at auction can be very rewarding.  Call us today on 01756 799000 to speak to a property lawyer.  We make buying or selling at auction straightforward and hassle-free.

Christopher Jackson
Christopher JacksonDirector & Solicitor
Helen Akroyd
Helen AkroydDirector and Chartered Legal Executive
John Mewies
John MewiesPractising Consultant and Solicitor
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Erica LaxtonChartered Legal Executive
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Anna ClarkConveyancing Executive
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Debbie LotteyConveyancing Assistant